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How does it Works?

How Let's Scan turn your photos into memories that least forever

Scanning your photo is as easy as 1-2-3

Send us your photos
1. Send us your photos

Pack all of your photos and albums and send them over to us along with your contact info. We'll send you an email when we receive your originals to confirm receipt. 



2. Let's Scan

We'll scan your images, fix colour issues and remove minor dust & scratches so your image looks great.

Enjoy and share your scanned photo
3. Enjoy and Share

Your digitized photos will send to you via Email or in DVD/USB drive and your photos will be returned to you by mail. All you need to do is enjoy and share the photos with your loved ones.


Safe & Secure

Our Quality

Safe & Secure

We understand your memories are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable, so the safety of your photography is our top priority.

1. Handle with Care - We wear lint-free gloves to handle your photos. Always have a clean work area and no food or drinks are permitted in the workshop. We don't use paper clips, rubber band, self-adhesive tape or glue on photographic materials.


2. Secure Backup - Once your photos are scanned, we will back up the digital photos in multiple locations and we provide 60 days secure backup for all of our scans, free of charge. We also provide extended secure backup service for those customers who want the service. Learn more


3. Tracking - We will return your photos with traceable and signature -required courier service. Your order can be tracked online every step of the way.





Resolution - Our photo scanning service uses professional equipment and best practices in the industry to preserve your photos. Photos are scanned into 600 dpi files which are best for archival and larger reproduction purposes . 


Clean Before Scan - We will clean your photo before we scan. We use a lint-free cloth and airbrush to clean the surface of your photos. We will never use any sort of liquid directly on your photos as the liquid can ruin your image.


Colour Correction - Let's Scan will use both program and manual colour balance to bring the colour back to your photos. The results are nothing short of remarkable.


Scratch and Dust Removal - As dust, scratches and red eyes commonly appear in photos, we individually edit your images to remove these unwanted blemishes to enhance your favorite memories.








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