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Pricing & Service

Nation-wide Photo Scan as low as $0.3/photo

Best Value

Bulk loose photo scan



for 50+ photos

$40c/photo for 700+ photos
$30c/photo for 1400+ photos



1 to 100 photos

Film Slide, Netgative, Album & framed photo scan

$1.20/photo for 100-300 photos
$90c/photo for 300+ photos
Most Convenient

Ideal for your shoebox of photographs. One shoebox contains about 700 photos.


Loose photo only, up to A4 Size, at least 50 photos


1000 photos turn around in 3 days!

Scan in High Resolution (600dpi) with colour correction.

Pick up, drop off and track courier return available. Scanned photo returns with email and cloud drive.


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Ideal for your photos in an album, photo book or framed, positive/ negative slide.


We will scan any photo up to A3 size. Minimum order at $25 


500 photos turn around in 3 days.


Scan in High Resolution. 600dpi for Photos. 3200dpi for Slides.


Pick up, drop off and track courier return available. Scanned photo returns with email and cloud drive.


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Other Service

Gift Voucher - From $20

Perfect gift for your love ones to enjoy, share and preserve their memories. Now an easy to order online E-gift Voucher helps digitally preserve those treasured memories to last a lifetime and more.

Photos in USB Flash Drive - $20

We can store the photos on an 8GB USB Flash drive. This is a great way to carry and transfer your photos onto another computer with great transfer speed. 8GB USB Flash drive can hold over 1000 photos. You can even add your own photo onto the flash drive.

Photos in DVD/CD - $10

We can copy your scanned photo on DVD/CD. This is an ideal way to get a second backup for your photos or to share it with your friends and family. A CD can hold around 100 photos and a DVD can hold around 850 photos.

Archival Grade Gold DVD - $30

We will put your scanned photos on an Archival Grade Gold  DVD. This DVD manufactured using proprietary, unique dual reflective layers, these discs maximize both compatibility and longevity. In proper environmental conditions, these discs are designed to last as long as 100 years.

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Remove Photos from Album

We can remove and put back the photos from the album if we think they are safe to do so for $0.30. Photos will be scanned as loose photo price. You will pay $0.80 or less per photo instead of $1.5. Save 47% on scanning album photo!

Scan the backside of photo

Don't miss the writings and stories behind your photos. We can scan the backside of your photograph. Check for more details.

Photo Restore/Repair

We can bring your photo back to live with our photo restore service. Your old photo may be faded, some parts are missing, got water marks on or completely torn? Don't worry, we can fix it! Send us the photo and get a Free Quote!


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Other Service
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