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Thank you for your order!

We are glad to help you preserve your precious memories.

Here is some tips and suggestions on what you can do with your digitized photo.

Back it up!

First thing you should do is make back up copies for your photos. Digital photos are easy to copy, store and transfer. You can make a copies on to an external USB hard-drive and put it in a fireproof safe or into your go-bag or emergency kit if you have to leave with it, and can be connected to your computer for regular incremental backups easily if you make any changes to your precious memories.You can also keep another copy of your photo with your trusted friends or family.


If you know your way around computer, you can use various backup softwares and services to backup your photos in the background automatically.


Let's Scan offer Free 90 days back up for your photos and we also provide triple-back up service for our customer, go check out our pricing page.


Orginaze with event, date and location
Use a photo management app
Got more to scan?




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